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Take your data mining to the next level with the state of the art proxy node rotate system.
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What is Shader?

Shader is the system you have been looking for. It's the world's most advanced IP address rotator, designed specifically for high-scope, enterprise level data mining activities. It employs a state of the art technology that essentially eliminates exposure to IP-based blocking, misleading data representation, or captcha implementation, all coming from targeted websites.

Shader Delivers You Data

Delivers Data To You

Shader is purposely designed to deliver data for big-scaled web scraping activities. It's fast, efficient and simple to use, but most importantly - it delivers the data to you, no matter what.

Shader is Customized For You

Customized For You

It does not matter if you use your own data mining script or employ industry standard harvesting tools - we will implement Shader to work perfectly with any configuration you have.

Shader Saves You Money

Saves You Money

We rotate IP addresses so you don’t have to. You can focus on other, more important things and save costs on system monitoring and maintenance. Getting your data is now our problem.


How it Works?

How Shader Works?

It all starts with a query, that can be sent via browser or custom script in Shell, Java, C#, Python or other programming code. You can then choose settings, including session control, targeted country, header manipulation options and more.

Shader analyses the query and picks the best IP address to hit the website. Choice depends on various factors, such as IP usage per C-class or target's mining difficulty. The query exits through the node in one of Shader's remote servers, physically located in target's country.

The target is accessed in stealth mode - the traffic now comes from the IP address located in the country of your choice. It gets more difficult to track the IP. With session control enabled you can keep the same IP for deep drilling through websites.




Proxy Pricing


Starting $1.55 /Proxy

  • 1,000 Proxies
  • Disperse Subnetworks
  • At least 100 Mbps Speed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Full Anonymity
  • 24/7 Support
  • 99.9% Uptime


We created Shader to match requirements of the largest data miners in the world. Shader is a state of the art system, that takes anonymity to the next level and beyond. It deploys an intelligent IP rotation tool, that automatically adjusts to make sure you get your data.

The choice of IP is based on multiple criteria. First of all, Shader finds out which proxy nodes are most likely to be the fastest in delivering the data. Then it hits the website by exiting via IP address that is located in the same country as the target and picking the least used proxy node.

These are just a few of many intelligence features built-in in the system. All of them work together to deliver your data as fast as possible, minimizing the risk of getting blocked, receiving false data, or facing a captcha during the mining phase.

Shader was built to tackle risks associated with data harvesting. IP blocking is just one of them, and even though it's the most common, it's also the easiest to solve. Shader's intelligent IP rotation algorithm minimizes the risk of IP-based blocking. Even if the IP is blacklisted by mistake, the site is still accessible through our other vastly scattered resources. The system was designed to deliver you the data, no matter what.

Shader's core is intuitive and extremely easy to use. It's light and simple and can be implement into any custom data harvesting script or tool. Shader already works with all major web mining platforms, such as Connotate or Kapow.

Shader is an automated tool, therefore it requires little to no maintenance. Shader:

* picks the best IP address (proxy node) to hit the target
* rotates proxy nodes for you
* prevents using blocked proxy nodes
* looks for suspicious and unexpected changes in received data (coming soon)

These Shader features are all automated and tracked on our side, which lets you cut costs dramatically on your data mining monitoring and maintenance.

Shader has implemented classic solutions for data harvesting. If you prefer to do proxy rotation in-house, you can simply rent IP addresses as proxies from us. All our proxies are dedicated, they come with at least 50 Mbps bandwidth and unlimited traffic. Shader owns a pool of over 100,000 proxies from 120 cities around the world. You can find other proxy list features under Pricing.

For more details, your free 14-day trial, and a customized setup, please contact our sales department.

Whenever anonymity comes in handy, Shader is there for you and your company. Here are some examples where IP anonymization has high priority

Competitive Intelligence - track activity of your competitors
Pricing Intelligence - know how much others charge
Investment Decisions - collect all the data you need to take the right investment decision
Risk Management - identify key changes in business and market
Fraud Prevention - protect against suspicious activity and fraud
Keyword Rank Analysis - analyze keyword performance
Social Awareness - track what others talk about you
Web Automation - perform repetitive human functions on websites and apps

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